Tanki Master Drill N5 短期マスタードリルN5 PDF, Audio, Answer Keys

Tanki Master JLPT N5 was created to serve as a resource for those taking the JLPT N5. It covers questions for every section of the test: vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening, which makes it an all-round resource to quickly identify your weak points. This book is especially effective when used as a final review or as a level check before the exam. Fast-Track JLPT N5 Practice Exercises is divided into two parts. The first part contains practice questions modeled after the JLPT, while the second part of the book is a practice test approximately half as long as the actual test. An answer key and the dialogs for the listening section is included as well as a CD for the listening section. The book’s key focus is building confidence for the JLPT in a short amount of time. Depending on how much time you have left until the test, the book encourages two different ways of using it:

1. If you have several months left before the test, start with the first part (practice questions) to identify your weaknesses. Review and repeat it, especially the sections you had the most trouble with. Once you are confident in your skills, go ahead to the second section, the practice test.

2. If there is not much time left until the JLPT, start with the practice test to see if you are ready. After that, focus on the section that gave you the most trouble and do the practice questions of those sections.

Tanki Master JLPT N5 book structure:

  • Practice questions: Practice vocabulary, grammar, reading an listening with questions in the JLPT style.
  • Practice test: Test yourself under JLPT conditions (limited time) and see how you do. The practice test included is about half as long as a real JLPT.

Download Tanki Master Drill N5 短期マスタードリルN5 –  (PDF, Audio, Answer Keys)

  • Tanki Master N5 – Book (PDF) | Mediafire
  • Tanki Master N5 – Audio (MP3) | Mediafire
  • Tank Master N5 – Answers & Listening scripts | Mediafire

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