Nihongo Bunkei Jiten - 日本語文型辞典

日本語文型辞典 Nihongo Bunkei Jiten is Dictionary of Japanese Grammar Patterns differs from the popular Dictionary of Japanese Grammar series in that it is a single comprehensive volume and has no English explanation. There is no doubt the student who uses this book (as opposed to the student using the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar series) will gain a much greater understanding of Japanese in general because of having to work through everything in (simple) Japanese. However, the student using the other series (with explanations in English) will certainly understand the grammar better and in less time. Despite being all in Japanese, this book is designed for non-native students of Japanese. It is also helpful for teachers of Japanese to quickly find grammatical patterns and example sentences.

The book covers 3000 different grammar points. That means that whether you’re wondering what exactly かな means or want to see some more examples of たとえば, chances are high, very high, that it’s included. The book has sample sentences for every word like あんまり or だって that you look up. These are well-chosen to convey their exact meaning and use. They include furigana over every single kanji within them. And they are usually around five of them, so you don’t even have to understand every sentence to get a good feel for what something means.


Nihongo Bunkei Jiten PDF

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