Nameraka Nihongo Kaiwa - なめらか日本語会話 PDF & Audio

Nameraka Nihongo Kaiwa なめらか日本語会話 - This book provides the solution for those intermediate learners who do well on tests but cannot speak well in actual settings. By listening to common conversations on the attached CD, understanding the rules of spoken Japanese and practicing speaking, readers will be able to improve their speaking skills effectively. All students of the Japanese language undoubtedly have a serious interest in improving conversation skills, but what should you do to become a proficient speaker of the Japanese language? You may have studied Japanese grammar and possess a high level of reading ability, but when it comes to speaking Japanese, you find it hard to display your ability to its full potential and feel anxiety over not being able to pick up all that is said. This textbook is designed to help such student.

Student often say, "Sense, shitsumon ga arimasu." This sentences is, of course, grammatically correct and may be the right sentence for a student to use in class when addressing his teacher. However if you suddenly say "Shitsumon ga arimasu" to your friend when holding a friendly conversation, your friend will look very surprised. There should be a sentence which is more appropriate for that particular situation. A sentence like "Anno, chotto kikitai koto ga aru n desu kedo..." sounds much more natural.

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