Kurabete Wakaru Chuukyuu Nihongo Hyougen Bunkei Doriru

くらべてわかる 中級日本語表現文型ドリル  - Kurabete Wakaru Chuukyuu Nihongo Hyougen Bunkei Doriru. Learning through comparison Sentence pattern drills for Intermediate Japanese Expression.  Features 75 themes such as similar sentences patterns. Charts explain differences in meaning and points of usage in detail. Users will develop practical skills by using drills that focus on conversation. When it’s come to intermediate level, there will be many expressive sentence that are similar in meaning, and you will more confusing about those sentences. Through this book, we will cover 75 themes and compare their sentence patterns, also reveal the difference. We can organize meaning and usage, practice while focusing on conversational sentences, and use them separately. This book usefull for preparation to JLPT N3 or JLPT N2 test.


  1.  We organize distinctive use of misleading sentence pattern using table, the teacher and learner are pleased.
  2. In addition to sentence pattern, we also treat subject widely from whole intermediate level such as vocabulary and grammar.
  3. Learner can acquire practical skill from many example of sentence and exercise focusing on conversation.
  4. A separate explanation book is included for little bit difficult phrase.
  5. It consist 2 pages in one subject, for advanced learn in some tempo.

Download Kurabete Wakaru Chuukyuu Nihongo Hyougen Bunkei Doriru PDF


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