Intermediate Kanji Book Vol. 2

Intermediate Kanji Book Vol. 1 is great for intermediate level, clear kanji characters and easy to see. Has just enough English to understand this book, but the main challenge is to learn the Kanji. To continue the study with this book, you have to finish all series of Basic Kanji Book vol. 1 and 2 which cover about 1000 kanji. If you don't know around 1200 kanji, you will have struggle when learn kanji to intermediate level.

This volume, "Intermediate Kanji Book 1", takes an innovative approach, going deep into kanji usage, supplying linkages and methods that allow you to see the various aspects of individual kanji, like building blocks, which enforces retention. There is a lot of grouping of the individual characters, forcing you to see the patterns and connections. The activities are by no means easy, and there is a lot more expected of the learner than just "fill in this little box" or "write this kanji 20 times". Because of this, the kanji you learn will stay learned, and you will find that learning new kanji becomes much easier due to the ability to see the groupings.

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