101 Japanese Idioms

101 Japanese Idioms help you to understand Japanese Language and Culture through popular phrases. You will find culture specific expression such as sannin yoreba monju no chie ("three people together have the wisdom of Buddha"), nature-related phrases such as kumo o tsukamu yoo ("like grasping a cloud"), and expression that reflect traditional activities such as hitori zumoo o toru ("to wrestle a one-man sumo [match]"), and you will learn why these common idioms have come to mean what they do. The idiom in this book have been arranged into many sections:

  • Relating to nature
  • Creatures large and small
  • From place to place
  • and more..
Each idiom written in both romanized and Japanese forms is accompanied by an explanation and then incorporated into a dialogue to illustrate the idiom's everyday use. These dialogues facilitate understanding and make the idioms come alive.

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1 Response to "101 Japanese Idioms"

  1. Hi
    I really enjoyed this lesson of Japanese idioms.

    Many thanks,
    Juniper from Seattle


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